The Fine Print

Service Location

We currently serve in northern Michigan's lower peninsula. We are an on location beauty team centered out of Traverse City. Please contact us for rates outside of this region as we are always willing to expand our boundaries.

Preparing Your Best Skin

Makeup can work wonders, but beautiful results always start with a well taken care of canvas. Follow these tips to prepare your skin for your big day: 1. H2O: Aim to drink 2 liters of water daily. Water will flush your body of toxins and keep your skin hydrated and plump. 2. SPF: If your foundation or moisturizer doesn't already contain an SPF, add it into your morning routine to protect your skin from damage and dark spots 3. Tools: Clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly (at least once per week). Doing so will remove any bacteria that may irritate your skin and cause breakouts. 4. Facials: Consider a facial or masking routine at least 3 weeks prior to your event date. Be sure to seek professional advice on routines that are built for your skin type to avoid irritation, breakouts or over drying. Note: Some masks are meant to pull toxins from your skin and can cause brief breakouts shortly after use. Allow for this time of cleansing with sufficient time before your event. 5. Waxing: Any facial waxing should be completed no less than 1 week prior to your event & consultation, if applicable. 6. Brows: Avoid over tweezing & waxing! Let your brows grow and have them professionally shaped around a week prior to your event. 7. Routine: At the very least, you should have a morning/nightly routine that involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. You should include gentle exfoliating 3-4 times weekly, depending on your skin type. Adding in an eye serum or cream is a bonus worth your while! 8. Avoid: Any drastic changes in your skin care routine. Be mindful of any new ingredients that may cause allergic or chemical reactions, unwanted breakouts, over dryness, or any unpredictable damages to your skin! 9. Go Free: In the days - weeks before your big day, avoid makeup whenever possible. This will allow your skin time to breathe without risking clogged pores. 10. Lips: Don't forget about your lips! Combat flaky, dry lips with a simple scrub, used often (I like coconut oil and sugar.. yum!). Then seal your lips with a thick balm that contains SPF 30 for ultimate hydration and protection! Feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation and recommendations for your skin!

Anticipated Time Allowance

Consultations: Allow 1.5-2 hours for both hair and makeup trials. This is the time we get to know one another. It is our priority at A&M to ensure your comfort in working with us. We will evaluate your skin & hair, your personal style, desired looks, and ultimately work to bring those desires to life! Additionally, we will consult with you on your desired looks for your bridal party, if applicable. Finally, we will photograph & document your final look to reference on your big day. Event Day: The bride should allow up to 1 hour each for both hair and makeup. Bridal entourage should plan for 30 minutes to 1 hour for each hair & makeup looks. These times are generic and will vary based on your needs & needs of your entourage.

Contract Requirements

You will be required to sign a Service Agreement. The agreement is for your protection as well as ours. We utilize our agreement to ensure clear communication & expectations between you, our valued client, and A&M. The Agreement will be written up once a deposit has been made. Changes to the Agreement are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to your event unless otherwise noted. Changes will not be guaranteed after that time.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A $150-$250 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date for bridal clients (amount dependent on your specific event). Once the deposit is received & a Service Agreement has been signed, your date will be secured. The deposit amount is deducted from your overall total. 100% of your balance will be due 14 days prior to your event & is non-refundable. This policy may vary slightly based on your booking date, event date & party size. Your payment & cancellation specifications will be clearly defined in your Service Agreement. Contact us for details regarding your specific event. We have reserved this date exclusively for your event & have turned others away. We appreciate your understanding & compliance with the terms of our policies.

Preparing Your Best Hair

No matter what style you are going for, healthy hair is the best looking hair. We offer these tips to ensure healthy hair in preparation for your event: 1. Length: Looking to grow your locks in the weeks leading up to your event? Grab a Biotin supplement. Bonus: Biotin will also help keep your nails strong. Perfect to ensure a beautiful manicure! 2. Drink Up: Water helps hydrate the body and feeds the hair follicle for healthy growth. Dehydration will lead to dry, brittle hair. 3. Trim: Plan to visit your stylist every 2-3 months for a trim to keep split ends, damage, and frizz at bay. 4. Mask: Consider adding in a weekly hydrating mask to your routine for deep conditioning. 5. Heat: Avoid heat tools like blow dryers, curling irons & straighteners. Allowing your hair to air dry when possible alleviates damage to the hair. When necessary, use a heat shield spray prior to applying any heat. 6. Changes: Avoid any drastic choices- whether it be a color change or a new cut, doing something out of the norm can end in regret and not feeling like yourself. Stick to what you know & love! 7. Day Of: On the day of your event, please plan to arrive with clean, dry hair. Adding in a touch of gel or mousse works great to add grit! Feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation regarding your specific hair concerns!

Entourage Minimums

At A&M, we want to provide our services to anyone! At this time, we do not require a minimum number of clients at your event in order to offer our services to you, though some travel restrictions may apply. Contact us for information on special group package rates! We encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your personal needs.